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A Safe Place for Furry Friends


Your bunny will be staying in one of our hutches, maybe Roger's Retreat or Humphrey's Hilton are just a couple of our comfortable 6ft - 10ft, single or two-tier hutches/runs that are available. Some of our two-tier hutches have runs attached or maybe your rabbit prefers the more conventional hutch with a day-room and separate sleeping compartment.  Indoor and outdoor stays can be accommodated.


Runs can be made available on hardstanding or grass (subject to the owner’s wishes – see notes on our HEALTH page and Booking Form regarding Encephalatizoon Cuniculi) to provide your bunny with even more space to stretch his/her legs.


As rabbits’ tummies can be prone to upset should their diet change, we suggest you bring your pet’s own dried food supply sufficient for their stay and we can discuss any other treats in advance of their stay.


Guinea Pigs

It would be preferable if you could bring your Guinea pig(s) own cage, although the hutches we use for the rabbits are available too. A price reduction will be granted should this be the case.


Feel free to bring sufficient dried food for your pet(s) for their stay and any toys or treats to help them settle in and feel at home.


Hamsters, Gerbils and Other Small Furries

​Your pet will be looked after indoors and you will need to bring their own cage, food, sufficient for their stay and exercise ball (if they have one).