1. Owners are asked to drop-off and collect their pets from our gateway/drive. 

  2. Please adhere to your drop-off and collection times (or notify me in advance should your plans change) as I will be waiting to meet you at our gateway (from a distance) at the specified drop off/collection times.​

  3. Please photograph vaccination cards for rabbits and email or text these to me in advance.​

  4. Please specify any special feeding/bedding requirements on the booking form or email or call me beforehand to discuss. ​

  5. Please only bring pets in their carriers (plastic preferably), their dry food (preferably in a plastic container), any special hay but limit any toys, tunnels, treats, litter trays, etc. ​

  6. All pet carriers and dry food bags/containers will be handled with gloves and disinfected with Anigene disinfectant upon arrival and before pets are collected. Carriers will be stored separately away from all pets once disinfected.​

  7. Once pets are in situ, I’ll send a photograph to you for reassurance if you wish. ​

  8. All deposits/payments to be made via BACS please either on the drop-off date or beforehand. No cash - thank you.​

  9. If you’re going abroad, special arrangements will need to be made re: collecting your pet in view of the quarantine rules - please advise if you’re going abroad?

June 2020