You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers.

How can I check on my pet during their stay?

We can send you a photo or two and or text messages or an email, should you request this, just so that you know your special friend is having as good a time as you are !

My pet has a special diet. Can their needs be accommodated?

As pets' tummies can be prone to upset should their diet change, we suggest you bring your pet’s own dried food supply and we can discuss any other treats in advance of their stay.

What do you supply for overnight boarding?

Your special pet can expect:-

  • Fresh hay

  • Fresh spring/mineral water (not tap water)

  • Fresh veggies

  • Fresh bedding

  • Daily removal of soiled bedding with extra care during the summer months

  • A salt/mineral lick and apple wood sticks (fresh for every new pet)

  • Toys, tunnels and cardboard boxes to provide stimulation

  • Shade/fans in the summer and indoor heating in winter

……… not to mention, lots of love, cuddles and attention!

What do I need to bring?

  • Food sufficient for your pet’s stay (unless you are happy for us to use our own supplies from Jollyes Pet Superstore).

  • Any toys your pet would like to help him/her settle in.

  • Vaccination Certificates (rabbits).

  • Emergency contact details.

  • Vet's contact details.

  • Payment for your pet's complete stay (as per dates on booking form).

  • Cage if boarding Hamsters or other Small Furries.