Pet Boarding

During their stay, your pet will be cared for as if s/he was our own, so please let us know of any likes/dislikes and their daily routine.


All hutches, bowls, water bottles and hardstanding areas are thoroughly cleaned with appropriate disinfectant between pet stays so you can be sure your pet receives the highest standards of cleanliness before s/he joins us.


Your special pet can expect:-

  • Fresh hay

  • Fresh spring/mineral water (not tap water)

  • Fresh veggies

  • Fresh bedding

  • Daily removal of soiled bedding with extra care during the summer months

  • A salt/mineral lick and apple wood sticks (fresh for every new pet)

  • Toys, tunnels and cardboard boxes to provide stimulation

  • Shade/fans in the summer and indoor heating in winter

……… not to mention, lots of love, cuddles and attention!


You can expect:-

  • Peace of mind knowing your pet is in safe, caring and knowledgeable hands whilst staying with us.

  • Regular updates/photos can be sent to you whilst you’re away, should you wish.

Please CONTACT US to discuss your requirements.