Here at Furry Friends Pet Hotel, the health and welfare of the animals are very important to us.  Please read the Terms and Conditions below.  You will be asked to sign the Booking Form to confirm you accept these Terms and Conditions.

  1. All animals must be up to date with their vaccinations (if applicable).  Proof of vaccinations must be provided prior to your pet’s stay with us.

  2. Furry Friends Pet Hotel will not accept any pet that is showing signs of illness, disease, injury or pregnancy unless previously discussed. If your pet does have or displays any conditions, illnesses or injuries, details and treatment must be given on the Booking Form.

  3. We take no responsibility for any pets pregnancy as all animals except bonded pairs are kept separate from each other at all times.

  4. You agree that Furry Friends Pet Hotel is authorised to contact your Vet in a medical emergency or if not contactable, or out of our area (ie: more than 10 miles from Furry Friends Pet Hotel), our local Vet.

  5. If your pet does become ill, we will inform you and/or your emergency contact immediately. If we are unable to contact you and your pet needs veterinary care, we will transport the animal to either your Vet (if within a 10 mile radius of Furry Friends Pet Hotel) or our Vet as agreed. Any treatment required and any other costs incurred will be charged to you, the owner. Your pet will be treated under your name and address. 

  6. A contract will be deemed active once a Booking Confirmation has been sent. At least 48 hours notice must be given of any changes or cancellation of the booking.

  7. Times of arrival and collection must be provided on the Booking Form. If you are unable to make the time(s) stated or are running late, please ring or email to advise and agree a new time.

  8. If you fail to deliver your pet on the date agreed, you will remain liable for the full boarding costs unless otherwise agreed. 

  9. If your pet is already boarding with us and you wish to collect him/her earlier than the date originally provided, you will still liable for the full boarding costs.

  10. If you fail to collect your pet on the date agreed, the cost of the additional stay will be charged on collection of your pet.

  11. If your pet is not collected on the due day (or you have not agreed a new collection date) and if it is not possible to contact you or your emergency contact, after 10 days your pet will be re-homed.

  12. In the unlikely event that your pet passes away whilst staying with Furry Friends Pet Hotel, you will be contacted immediately to discuss your wishes.  Furry Friends Pet Hotel accepts no liability in the unlikely event that this may happen.

  13. All animals are boarded at their owner’s risk.  Furry Friends Pet Hotel accepts no liability in the event of injury, illness, loss or death of your pet during or after the pet’s stay with us.